MADRIGALI MAGRI (1994 - 2004)


ENG Together from 1994 Madrigali Magri self produce their first album in 1998. In spite of the absence of labels Madrigali Magri have been cut their enviable space in italian rock underground scene, such to become an infuence for various italian bands. After “Negarville”, “Malacarne” is their 2nd album on wallace records. They Split in 2004.

ITA Insieme dal 1994, arrivano al primo album autoprodotto nel 1998. Nonostante la fiera assenza di etichette (discografiche e di “genere” musicale) i Madrigali Magri si sono subito ritagliati uno spazio invidiabile nel rock underground italico, tali da diventare influenza musicale per diverse band. Dopo “Negarville”, “Malacarne” è il loro secondo album su wallace records. Nel 2004 si sciolgono.


ITA […] tre dischi splendidi e “maledetti”, poco appariscenti e scontrosi, che ancora oggi crescono all’ascolto come cose che il “rock” italiano probabilmente non meritava. (maggio 2005) Blow Up – Stefano I. Bianchi

“Rock Star” (Usa), by Joe Levy 
Madrigali Magri – Malacarne (2002)

There’s no form or movement in this music. It’s improvisatory, ambient, repetitive, as if the point is validate the act of making the music and nothing else, not even listening to it. And stili I love it.

Bass, drums, guitar and voice banging out songs that feel like modernist paintings, more shapes than tunes, dark and empty. It’s a soundtrack in search of a David Lynch movie.

The tracks are full of silences or blank spaces; they’re like roads through abandoned cities or desolate countryside. It’s arty, pretentious post rock. But it’s also an antidote to the over stimulation of modern life, to a world full of television, movies, newspapers and advertisements. Music for a world without people.



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